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Design Engineering鼎丰彩票6141应用下载


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    • 3D Modeling: Our comprehensive CAD experience gives us the ability and confidence to transform your idea into a virtual model. This virtual model is a basis for the engineering process.
      • Design for Manufacturing: We are experts in extrusion and we can make sure your part is optimized for the process. Even if extrusion isn’t the chosen manufacturing process we can aid in your part design. Our engineers have extensive experience in injection molding, roto molding, CNC machining, thermoforming, sheet metal forming, casting and 3D printing so nothing is off limits.
      • Design for Assembly: Assembly is a critical aspect to your system or machine. Our experience with large assemblies can help you feel confident in your part design. BOM reduction is also very important when discussing budget. We have on many occasions helped our customers turn a two or even three component assembly into one, single component.
    • Technical Documentation: Technical documentation is the common language between designers, manufacturers and fabricators.  We can take your concept and deliver accurate documentation of your product prior to initiating the tooling and manufacturing process.
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    • By modeling the flow physics of polymer melt for a given combination of machine, compound, and extrusion profile, we can accurately optimize the synergy between die design, and downstream processes to maximize production efficiency, therefore providing great value to our customers without compromising quality.   
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    • We can help you jump start you new product launch with our rapid prototyping capabilities:
      • 3D Printing (FDM and Multi-Jet Printing)
      • CNC/CNC Routing
      • EDM Wire Cutting
    • Prototype Tooling and Production Runs: If you are confident in your design but not in the volumes we are always willing to run prototype production runs for you. We can make prototype quality tooling in order to save you time and money.
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    • There are constant advances in materials, design aides and manufacturing technologies. An old product design may need updating in order to reduce cost and improve functionality. Our broad experience in various industries and disciplines helps to keep your product on the leading edge.
    • Quality Assurance: Our 24hr quality assurance department maintains the requirements of your product around the clock.
    • Support: We are always here to help you any way we can.
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    • Simulation: With top of the line multi-physics software we can simulate the real-life conditions on your part or system. Below is a short list of our analysis capabilities:
      • Structural Analysis (FEA, thermo/fluid-structural coupling, fatigue analysis, topology optimization)
      • Thermal (steady-state & transient, electronics cooling, combustion)
      • Electromagnetics (electric conduction, permanent magnets, induction thermal)
      • Fluid Flow (aero/hydrodynamics, compressible flows, thermal effects, swirling flows, rotating machines, bubbles and droplet modeling)
      • Shock + Vibration (modal analysis/acoustics)
    • Design Optimization: Using these analysis techniques we can optimize your design for any operating requirements and manufacturing process
State-of-the-art simulation and flow visualization capabilities.